Happy 2013 to all Chasters in the world! How did you celebrate your New Year’s Eve and Christmas?

Have you ever missed old looks of our dear amazing diva Charice or Sunshine Corazon, once again let’s not misunderstood one person changing style, it doesn’t mean it also changing inner personality. Sometimes, we are caught with the word “boredom” and re-inventing ourselves get to the rescue just to get out in the four corner of the box, but it also doesn’t mean that we will never get back or look back what once become part of us. I know you missed our dear Charice looks and so do I, but as an avid fan I just respect what looks she refer at the moment or what she feels to look like according to her moods as an artist. Charice mall around with these looks, isn’t Charriffic?

Really thankful to Troy (musical director of Charice) for posting these photos in his twitter account. Big joy!

CHA2013B CHA2013C CHA2013D CHA2013E CHA2013F CHA2013G


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