Charice is on the Buzz TV Show to answer some issues that has been died down a few months ago. Charice chose to be silent regarding the issues on her hair cut, new style, personals etc., Now Chasters and not Chasters our amazing diva Charice is going to answer bravely one by one with all the issues that has been throwing to her by the basher.

It was answered in Tagalog or Filipino language by Charice. So, for the Chasters in other part of the world the interviews are not yet translated. She also answer all the questions in a very polite manner with using “opo or opo”.

Charice on the Buzz Part 1/3

Charice on the Buzz Part 2/3

Charice on the Buzz Part 3/3

credit video: kylaagustin

Charice also ask for a prayer for her mom who is not feeling well this past few days. She also tells everybody to wait for her upcoming album that she’s working on it. And according to the host of the show “Here Comes the Boom” is a box office hit and the movie will be shown in the Philippines on January 20, 2013.

Regarding her love life she chose not to tell anything about it and just keep it private. The issues regarding her managers Charice told everyone to move on regarding the matter and be happy. She also clarifies the issues regarding her relationship with her mom, she told that they don’t have any misfit; like a mother-daughter relationship it’s only petty misunderstanding but they are in good relationship right now.

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