[JAPAN / VIDEO] Charice Infinity Tour “Tokyo” March 14, 2012

Here it is peeps, thanks to Ninja Chaster Japan for doing this for us even though in a strict non video zone Infinity Tour Concert of our amazing diva Charice, they took courage to video this one. Hope, more vids will come out! 🙂


We most hear the audio but that’s okay because Ninja Chaster in Japan did the very best to made this video for our enjoyment Chasters. We could hear all chasters screaming out loud for every performance of our amazing diva Charice. So, thank you so much to our Ninja Chaster in Japan.

Part 1

Part 2


The song was definitely a winner, it suit the soulful voice of our amazing diva, very angelic and again angels flies out! Wow! wow! wow this is really a wow a multi-platinum single will be!!!

I can’t get enough  of it I feel like I am dreaming in a fantasy land, flying and all my hair standing her voice is so soothing and I can feel it deep down my heart.  I keep replaying the video to the infinity. Thank you GOD for giving us Charice, for the talent you have given her and shared with us.

I feel like seeing her in grammy singing this while everybody are crying!

credit video: abi4Cha


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